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Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage is increasing in popularity. Heated stones in fragrant oils are applied to key points on the body. The direct heat relaxes the body which means the massage is more effective and intense than a regular massage. The technique of working the hot stones along the body with cooler stones encourages the body to detox and heal, increasing lymph flow and flush out waste.

In this Hot stone massage course, you will learn the skills and techniques to perform hot stone massages successfully, ensuring you client releases stored tension, boosts circulation, recharges energy levels and enjoys deep relaxation.

Awarding Body or Accreditation: Saffron College of Hair & Beauty

Admission Requirements: ITEC Holistic Massage or any equivalent diploma 

Frequency: Quarterly

Course Content:

History of Hot Stone massage

Contra Indications

Benefits of Hot Stone massage

Materials & Equipment, sourcing, set up & care

Practical Instruction

Home & care of the patient

All materials will be provided by the college for training.

Course fee:  €500
Duration: 2 days
  Number of Seats: 10
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