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Beauty Specialist, A&P, Holistic Massage Diploma  

This intensive, 20 weeks programme with an ITEC accreditation and college certificate is your chance to begin your journey in the beauty industry. 

Awarding Body or Accreditation: ITEC Diploma

Saffron College of Hair & Beauty

Admission Requirements: None

Frequency: Twice a year


Becoming an ITEC qualified Beauty Specialist with A&P and Holistic Massage starts your journey of working in salons, day spas, and cosmetic counters home and abroad.

Course Outline

Beauty Specialist: This course qualifies you as an Aesthetician, upon being awarded with your Diplomas. You will be a specialist in working with all treatments involving the face, hands and feet. Our Level 2 Diploma is a Level 4 Diploma on the Irish Framework. 

Holistic Massage: Our Level 3 Diploma course is a Level 5 Diploma on the Irish Framework,

This course provides learners with a thorough understanding of the Anatomy and Physiology of the body and gives learners a complete knowledge of the structure and functions of each area of the body. Our Anatomy, Physiology & Holistic Massage course includes Holistic Massage; incorporating 5 Classical Swedish massage movements in order to be able to treat the entire body.

Syllabus Facial Section: (Theory and Practical) 

Anatomy and Physiology: 

Study of the cells tissues and the main systems as they affect the face, hand and arm and the leg and foot: muscular, vascular, skeletal, digestive, respiratory, lymphatic, excretory, nervous, endocrine and reproductive, as they relate to the work of the beauty therapist.


Detailed study of the skin and its appendages 

Skin Analysis 

Skin disorders 

Contraindications to salon or home treatments 

Disorders of the eyes and eyelid


Massage: Excluding any type of medical treatment 

Theory and effects of massage

Contraindications to massage


Theory of masks 

Choice and use of Masks 

Specialized facial treatments 

Eye Treatments: 

Eyebrow shaping 

Eyelash and eyebrow tinting 

Contraindications to eyelash tinting 

Eyelash perming theory

Manicure and Pedicure: 

Structure of the Nail Care 

Diseases and disorders 

Manicure and pedicure procedure 

Hand waxing 

Hand peeling: oil manicure 

Contraindications to manicure and pedicure 

Make Up: 

The practice and art of make-up 

Corrective make-up 

Colour correcting  

Fixing and shaping artificial eyelashes 

Eye make-up in all forms 


Superfluous Hair Treatment: Theory and application of hot and cold wax 

Honey wax 

Depilatory creams 


Contraindications to superfluous hair treatments

Tanning Techniques: 

Application of tanning products 

Body Exfoliation 

Ageing skin, sun damage & pigmentations 

Melanomas & moles 

Importance of SPF Skin structure & function 

Core Subjects: 

Business Organization Cosmetic Science First Aid Consultation/Client Care Ethics Salon Procedure Management Client record cards Electricity Hygiene/ Sterilization procedures grooming

Syllabus Massage Section: (Theory and Practical) 

History, theory & philosophy of Massage Effects

Benefits of Massage Therapeutic value 

Technique of each of the five classical massage movements 


Client Consultation and Appropriate Legislation Professional conduct 

Contraindications to treatments 

Understanding the importance of and how to conduct follow-up treatments 

Knowledge of other Complementary therapies available 

Planning an appropriate treatment programme for a client Anatomy & Physiology 

Homecare advice

Anatomy & Physiology 

The Skin 

The Cell 

Skeletal System 

Muscular System 

Circulatory System 

Lymphatic System 

Nervous System 

Respiratory System 

Digestive System 

Urinary System

Core Subjects: 

Business Organization 

Cosmetic Science 

First Aid 

Consultation/Client Care 


Salon procedure 


Client record cards 

Hygiene/ Sterilization procedures 


Course fee:  €3800
Duration: 20 Weeks
Number of Seats: 10